When onboarding the company, it is activated (title becomes blue and clickable), and after completing onboarding steps admin will be able to perform necessary actions with it: like add transactions, reports, etc.

Completing company onboarding

When clicking on a specific activated company the admin is redirected to the company profile where s/he should complete the company onboarding steps.


Step 2:

  1. Click on step 2: Setup Captable

  2. On “Fetch company profile” window admin will see some data which can already be prefilled if there is any data in the database. If not, s/he fills it by own.

  3. “Share class” field: a share class company has, is displayed. But the admin can add another one(s). When clicking “+ add new” button in the dropdown to add a new share class, a window opens:

4. Admin writes the share class name and adds Altinn ID for this share class. It is strongly recommended to add Altinn ID in this step to escape an additional step of adding ID when creating a report later.

5. Fill in data for the fields “Nominal price per share” and “Premium price per share”.

6. In the field “Shareholders” already existing shareholders are displayed, but it’s possible to add new ones. To add a new shareholder, click on “+add new” button in the dropdown, fill in the field on the opened window and save the data:

7. “Amount of shares” field can already be prefilled, but it is possible to change the number.

8. “Numbers” field: fill in share numbers

9. It is possible to add new share classes and shareholders at the end of the window if there is a need:

10. Click the “Save” button after filling in all the info.

Note: it is advised to create the first transaction on the 2nd step of Onboarding. This will help to gather all the necessary data for later activity.

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