1. Click “Shares, dividends and loans” on the left menu:

Admin sees a Captable and can check data there.

2. Click on “Transactions” on the left and then button “Create new”:

3. Choose transaction type and share issue type and click “Next”:

Currently only these types of transactions are supported (the rest is being worked on):

  • Foundation

  • Shares split

  • Sell shares

  • Shares merge

  • New share issue

  • Issue shares intra-group transfer

  • Premium value reduction

Note: If not supported transaction type is chosen, the system will show a status “Not ready yet”, and the admin will have to fill the data manually in Altinn:

4. After choosing a transaction type admin needs to fill in all the necessary information on the opened page:

5. If needed, admin can add a new share class and shareholders:

6. Click the “Save” button after filling in all the necessary info.

Note: If something is filled in wrong, the system will display an error icon in the list. When hovering on the icon, admin can see what info is wrong:

Steps 3, 4 and 5

These steps can be completed later and do not block from sending a report.


Adding Stock options, Convertible and Shareholder loans, and Dividends happens the same way as adding transactions. User should:

  1. Click button “Create new”

  2. Fill in necessary information

  3. Click “Save” to keep filled in data


This page logically is the same as adding a new shareholder in the “Transactions” page. This information is not necessary for sending a report to Altinn.


We can create reports either from the left menu under the “Apps” or under “Shares, dividends and loans”:

Creating A Report


  1. Click “Reports” in the left menu and then button “Create new”

  2. Fill in necessary information.

Note that there is a possibility to choose a responsible person for the report. This person is a company member and will check the report before sending it to Altinn.

  1. Click “Continue”

  2. A page opens with 6 steps to complete:

Admin should check the information on each step, make changes if necessary, and save them to pass to the next step.


  1. On the 2nd step there is an additional option to add dividends and transactions if they haven’t been added previously.

  2. On step 3 admin can fill in shareholder info by him/herself or sync it with previous reports from Altinn (syncing is optional). For this, the admin should click the button “Get info about shareholders from Altinn”. Admin will need a pin code which will be received via the way chosen on this screen (“Source of PIN”):

3. Step 4 is filled in and saved accordingly.

4. On step 5 admin should choose the option of informing a responsible person about the ready report.

The responsible person will check the data, make changes if necessary, tick checkboxes to confirm data is true and click a button “Confirm and submit to partner”.

5. The BDO administrator will receive a notification about confirmation, and after s/he can go to step 6. On step 6 BDO admin fills in required information and sends the report to Altinn. There, the admin can check the presence of the report.

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