You can search a respective group, company or member by the following steps:

Click on every group to open. Each group may contain subgroups, and subgroups themselves consist of other groups.

Navigation will help you to switch easier between companies, members and groups. Click on (choose) the respective group from the left menu to see companies included in there:

You can see

  • members (employees and admins) of the group:

  • subgroups of the main group

  • companies, members and subgroups of each subgroup if clicking on a respective one

  • “Search” icon and possibility to search:

    When clicked, the searching modal window will be opened. To find a company, enter the company name or organization number (searching is done on the basis of Norwegian company database).

  • Group members can be found here:

    Result displays the member's name, her/his group and role in the group.

    When searching a company all the matching results will be displayed. Clicking on a group will redirect to the respective group in the Partner App.

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