To add a new company first go to the respective group, subgroup, where you want to add a company and click on “Add new company” in menu:

In the modal “Add a company to the partner group” it is possible to add a company in 2 ways:

  • entering a company name or organization number (searching s is done automatically in the database of Norwegian companies):

    By choosing the respective company you can fill in the field “Access to company”. Its users will have access to the company. And fill in the field “Assigned to”: it is a person who is automatically chosen as a responsible person for the report (when it is created).

  • Another way to add a company is doing it manually. For this a checkbox “Add company manually” should be ticked. In this case you enter the company name and org. number manually.

    After filling in the necessary data click “Save” to save changes. The company is created!

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