To send AR report to Altinn, you should:

  • Go to your company by choosing it from the dropdown:

  • Create report in 2 ways:

    a) Click on “Apps” in the menu and then “Reports”

b) or click “Shares, Dividends and Loans” in the left menu and choose “Reports” in submenu

Report list will be displayed if any. If not, you will see an empty page

To create report click button “+ Create new”

You will see a modal window where it is necessary to click button “Create new report” to create the report yourself

Then you will see a modal window “Shareholders report (RF - 1086)” where you need to choose:

  • Reporting year - to be chosen from the dropdown

  • Enter email address of the responsible person (should be a company member) for the report in the field “You need to enter a person responsible for report”

  • Altinn ID: in case you haven’t chosen an Altinn ID for the share classes previously, it will be necessary to choose it from the dropdown

After entering necessary data, click the button “Continue”. You will see “Reports” page, Step 1 - Company info

Make sure the data is right and edit it if necessary. Click “Save” to move to the 2nd step - Transactions and Dividends

Make sure data for dividends and transactions is right. In case you need a new transaction/dividend, you can add it right from the report by clicking the button “+ Create new”. After adding a new transaction, the data on step 1 will be recalculated. Save the data again.

After saving the data on step 2, the user will be redirected to Step 3 - Shareholders information.

Shareholder info may be filled in differently:

  • manually

  • by synchronisation with Altinn. If you have sent some reports to Altinn previously, click the “Get info about shareholders from Altinn”, fill in authentication details in a modal window and choose the necessary report (from which shareholder info is going to be imported) in a dropdown

  • with the help of importing from an Excel file. Click the “Download excel template”, fill in the necessary data, save it with CSV format in your computer, click the “Import from excel” in the system and upload previously saved CSV format file

  • If you have previously imported transaction data by uploading a file, then the shareholder data on step 3 will automatically be filled in.

Step 4 - Company contact info. Company basic information is displayed here like company name, organisation number, contact information, address.

Information for “Company contact info” & “Company Addresses” are copied from the respective fields in Settings -> General. If there is no data there, then in “Company contact info” field CEO data will automatically be pre-filled. If there is no info for the company and CEO the user will need to manually fill in a form on step 4 of the “Reports”.

Step 5 - Review and confirm. Here you have an opportunity to review the data to be sent to Altinn. For each point you should check the checkbox confirming the data is right. If you don’t agree e.g. because you have seen a mistake, correct it first and then check the checkbox.

If you haven’t saved the data on one of the steps you will see a warning message. Please, return and save those steps.

If you are sure all the data filled in so far is right, click the button “Send the report yourself”.

Note: You can change the RESPONSIBLE PERSON any time. Just click in email address field, delete the address and add a new one.

Step 6 - Send

If you have added not ready transactions or transactions with mistakes, you will see a warning like in the screen below

Please, pay attention to it. If you accept alerts, check the checkbox “I accept all the validation warnings and agree to submit the report to Altinn”. After you just need to enter System ID* and System password* of your Altinn account. You have an additional option to fill in “Specify Altinn user info (optional)” by checking it first.

Click “Send” after completing all the steps. You will see a modal with the question “Are you sure?” Click “Send to Altinn” if you are. After that you will see a payment page. When completing the payment process you will be redirected to the “Reports” page. Right after this process you can go to your Altinn account and check the report there. Reports list is also visible in BizBot.

To resend the report to Altinn you need to do the following:

  • Go to the “Reports” page, delete the respective report and create it again.

  • Or open the report and click “Edit report” to edit it.

You will see a modal window with the question “Are you sure? The status of the report will be reset”. Click on it the button “Continue”. Now, the report status is “draft”, so you can fill it again and send to Altinn.

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